Concierge Tenerife

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Party Party Party........

There's nothing like a specially designed cake made to your specific requirements to take centre stage at your celebration.

Whether it be a Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Wedding, Christening or anything else you want to celebrate, we'll help you do it in style. 

Our baker will discuss your requirements and help to come up with a unique design, made especially for you.

All the cakes are made with the finest ingredients, definitely, no cake mixes! The cakes are never frozen so you get the best tasting freshly baked cake possible. Choose from any filling you like, perhaps rich fruit with your chosen ingredients, or the ever popular sponge and if it's for a little one, the gentle coloring can really come into play, just to make it all the more exciting.

If you are concerned about dietary requirements, our baker will discuss all the options, such as Gluten Free, Egg Free, Vegan etc... 

The photos shown below are just some of the designs made for our customers and hopefully will give you some inspiration too